Monday, September 3, 2012

Yes, Adam Gray, I Am Actually Going to Blog About It!

Something happened this evening; something that turned the tables around for me. I was out evangelizing with one of my best friends, and co-authors of this blog, Adam Gray. We were at the mall handing out tracts and talking to folks when we decided to take a stroll through J.C. Penny. We ran across a lady and her son and Adam handed them a tract and proceeded to talk to them. She glanced at Adam, then at me, then back at Adam and, pointing at me,  politely asked Adam, "Is that your son?"

It was priceless! Now, for those of you reading this and don't know us, you're probably scratching your heads and wondering what the big deal is. For starters, I am about 6 years older than Adam and so the statement was simply a compliment for me. But the real kicker is this: every now and again Adam cracks a joke at me about needing to rest, or having a walker, or back pains–everything a guy in his early forties (yeah, right!) is supposed to experience.

I promised Adam I would never let him live it down. And so, Adam, yes, I am actually going to blog about it!

Soli Deo Gloria, brother :-)

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