Blog Rules

Please read the following rules before commenting on this blog. They will be enforced regularly.
  1. Stick to the topic. If the subject happens to be evangelism don't ask a question about election. If you wish to go "off topic" please state the reason why rather than just rambling about something you disagree with.
  2. Be civil. Don't resort to name-calling or any other type of "calling" just because you don't like what we or another may say in a post or a comment thread. this includes foul language of any kind. Any violations will result in banning.
  3. Disagree well. IOW, don't state your own opinions. Back it up with Scripture. Also, if you use any sources such as quotes from other preachers, commentaries, etc, please be sure to point me to the source so that we may check it out for ourselves.
  4. Use quotes correctly. This relates to #3 above. Many people love to toss out quotes but often rip them from their context. Do your homework and make sure you understand the context of what is being said before you offer something as "proof." This includes Biblical references :-)
  5. Don't troll. If you can't offer anything constructive, don't bother to comment. If the only reason you wish to comment is to agree with another commenter without offering your own (Biblical) reasons, then DON'T! Wait until you come up with something useful and then come back to the thread.
  6. All rights reserved. Keep in mind that the blog authors have the right to delete comments as we see fit. As long as they adhere to the guide lines there should be no problems.
  7. Rules may be added or deleted as needed