Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walking Among the Living Dead

Potato Festival 2012 - Downtown Elizabeth City, NC
Scripture declares that man is dead in his trespasses and sins (Eph 2:1) and that he must be regenerated by the Father before he can understand spiritual truth (John 6:37).

That is why the Intrepid Evangelist group is dedicated to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the public arena. Yesterday was no exception as we headed to downtown Elizabeth City to the 2012 Potato Festival. This festival occurs every year and on average and about 30,000 people attend. It's a perfect opportunity to preach and witness to folks one-to-one.

As I preached and handed out tracts I made it a point to study peoples' expressions. Some seemed to listen intently but most jeered, or shouted, or mimicked our speech while laughing and shaking their heads. Sometimes this can get very discouraging and I wonder why I bother to do it all. But then it hit me: I was out preaching, talking, and walking among the living dead–literally!

Why should I expect any other reaction? After all, those who do not know Christ are volatile to His message and consider what they hear as absolute foolishness (1Cor 1:18, John 17:14). This reality became more clear as I stepped up to the stool to preach and saw one of my former bosses and his wife pass by. He was shaking his head in disbelief as if he found it offensive that I would dare publicly proclaim salvation and God's mercy to a dying world. I simply said, "hello," and kept on with my message. The salvation of souls is much more important than my pride and those of us who stand in the public with the Word of God should always keep this in mind. But there is something else that all believers need to keep in mind:

Christians, remember two things: (1.) You are alive among those who are dead. God has called you to be the savor of life to those who will be saved (2Cor 9:16). As they see the Spirit of God sanctifying your life they will begin to wonder about the differences you show from day to day. (2.)Christ has called you to be His witnesses throughout all the earth (Acts 1:8). If you are born again you cannot help but overflow with eternal life. This overflow should cause you to tell of the same saving grace that pulled you out of the mire. I'm not suggesting you stand on a stool like us but you are responsible for opening your mouth to declare the salvation of the Lord.

Remember, you walk among the dead. Therefore, walk as though you are alive!

Affirming the Solas,
Steven (AKA, Ekklessia Boy)

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