Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Tribute to My Fellow Sola Bloggers

I just wanted to take a quick post to say a few words to my fellow bloggers here on Sola. You may have been reading various posts by them and not even realized who was doing the writing. As you have not really had a chance to meet them I would like to take a moment to introduce you to them and tell you a little about them—that is, if they don't mind :-)

Tony-Allen Cucolo - First up, is my good friend Tony. He currently resides in Kansas City, MO. This wasn't always so. I met Tony in August of 07 in Norfolk where he was working as a graphic artist at WVEC channel 13 news. Tony and I hit it off well and became fast friends. Tony has had quite an interesting spiritual journey. When we first met he was a Muslim, but after careful examination between the claims of Christianity and Islam he saw the inconsistencies of his own religion and embraced Christianity full-on. He has been walking with Christ ever since and has become quite the apologist for the Faith.

Adam Gray - Adam has a passion for open air preaching and one-to-one evangelism. He is a natural born speaker and is bold in sharing his Faith with the lost. I sincerely wish that every believer would be more like Adam in their witness. Adam is an ordained pastor and is also well informed in Creation apologetics and is capable of rational logic in the area of Creation, Atheism, and Agnosticism. Adam currently lives in Elizabeth City, NC and is the proud papa of six kids. In fact, his newest addition, Silas, was born today around 4pm. If you get the chance, drop him a note and congratulate him.

Daniel Long - This guy holds a dear place in my life since he is my older brother. He had a great influence in bringing me to Christ as I watched him in his own struggles and saw the power of Christ helping him overcome his alcohol addiction. Danny has a real heart for down and outers and seeks to bring as many to Christ as possible. He preaches regularly at the Albany Rescue mission in downtown Albany, NY. He currently resides in Cobleskill,NY with his wonderful wife, Robin and two great kids, my awesome nephews, A.J. and Joe. He works in a management position at Brinks Services.

Al of these fine men of God have been brought for a purpose into my life. I thank God for His providence in bringing friendship, encouragement, and exhortation to me. And so, gentlemen, whatever it may be worth, this is my special tribute to you. Each of you hold a special place in my heart and I will always be truly grateful for your friendship. God bless each of you.

In Christ,


  1. Awe haw haw, shawks, thanks Steven. Although there are many who think I'm just an apologist for myself than the faith ;)

  2. I'm blushing too Tony. Thanks for the kinds words brother!