Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Holy Sacred Cows

"The church may not worship golden calves [that Aaron made] but we've become custom to worshiping holy cows"
Joey Hobbs
Senior Pastor
Fellowship Baptist Church
Elizabeth City, NC

The above quote was taken from my pastor during his sermon this morning. When he said it, it struck me just how true the statement was. Many Christians boast and take pride in the churches they got to, but I often have to stop and ask, "why?" Is it because of the pastor? Do they love the church because of the way it looks? Do they come simply to "fellowship"? Or is it because of the holy cows they have created over the years of their attendance there?

I would certainly have to guess the latter. Holy cows are prevalent in our churches. What is a holy cow? A holy cow is...
The style of music (contemporary or traditional)

The order of service (prayer, opening hymn, music special, etc, etc,)

The times of the service (early or late)

The color of the carpet & the pews

...or the preacher behind the pulpit himself

Let's face the facts: we are all emotional people to one extent or another and we all form emotional attachments of some kind to things of the familiar. When change begins to come we hold on for dear life to these attachments. We desire to keep the old and reject the new.

Unfortunately, our attitudes regarding these issues reveal the true nature of where our worship lies. If we are there because we desire to out pour our hearts in adoration and praise to God we should have no problem accepting these changes. The problem arises when we value these things as sacred and spiritual and refuse to listen or accept what another may say. These "things" become our god and we in essence, though we may not admit it, bow down to them and refuse to cast them into the fire.

Mind you, that I am not certainly referring to any doctrinal issues. Those issues should be dealt with in the most stringent manner. What I refer to are those things like the list above that have become ingrained within us. It is dangerous business to divide the people of God over the color of carpet or the style of music that should be sung. If a church is preaching the cross of Christ and His glorious reign then nothing else should matter: not music; not order of a service; not even the pastor himself, as long as he remains faithful to the Word.

So how about it Christian? How many sacred cows are you worshiping even now?

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